Groovie Movie

Groovie Movie 1944

A boogie-woogie piano introduces what purports to be a jitterbug lesson, starring prize winner Arthur Walsh, his partner, and then later various other couples. We start with steps imported from other dances, like the waltz, then sped up. Next Walsh and his partner show some basic steps, but the movements are too swift for the narrator to describe them or the viewer to learn how to do them. By the end, various couples (all but a pair of briefly-seen children are white), including some comic ones, give a high-speed demonstration as the music rocks and swings. These are hep cats. Pete Smith's narration is full of slang.

Kehoe's Marimba Band

Kehoe's Marimba Band 1944

Ben K. Blake went out his way to ensure that vaudeville wouldn't die, and his series of film shorts virtually guaranteed it would. This one features Reg Keyoe and his All-Girl Marimba Band, the three dancing Winters Sisters, and The Modernaires. And, Andy and Florence Mayo got into their two-piece costume and kept the career of Pansy the Dancing Horse alive.

Sing for Sweetie

Sing for Sweetie 1938

Sally Newton is in love with Lee Sullivan, a young tenor singer with Johnny Johnson's Orchestra, but her father prefers a stuffy young clerk as her suitor. She makes him taker her to the nightclub where Lee sings. Lee has arranged for Sally to elope with him, his song "Let's Take It on the Chin" being the signal for her. But the clerk has hired a tough gangster to keep Lee from singing.

America The Beautiful

America The Beautiful 2004

Have you ever wished you could listen to your favorite Homecoming songs one right after another? Now you can with the Homecoming Classics Series! Each volume contains a selection of the most requested performances from the Gaither Homecoming Series. America The Beautiful features 11 of Bill Gaither's favorite patriotic songs. God Bless America Battle Hymn Of The Republic The Star-Spangled Banner America, The Beautiful This Land Is Your Land Let Freedom Ring My Country 'Tis Of Thee God Bless The USA Onward, Christian Soldiers/We're Marching To Zion A Few Good MenI Pledge My Allegiance

The Intimate Duke Ellington

The Intimate Duke Ellington 2003

Duke Ellington's fifty year career was full of accomplishments as a highly original pianist, arranger, prolific composer and leader of a timeless orchestra. On occasion he recorded with a small group from his orchestra or as a piano soloist, but Duke was rarely filmed in that capacity... with a few exceptions. On January 23, 1967, Ellington filmed two programs for Danish television. The first has him jamming with an octet taken from his orchestra, including such greats as altoist Johnny Hodges, tenor-saxophonist Paul Gonsalves, baritonist Harry Carney and trumpeter Cat Anderson. Highlights include "The Jeep Is Jumpin'," "Sophisitcated Lady" and "Jam with Sam." The second program puts the focus on Ellington's piano, in solo and trio performances that include "Lotus Blossom," "Mood Indigo," and a definitive version of "Take the 'A' Train." Always a modern and distinctive soloist, Ellington is seen creating brilliant improvisations full of strong melodies, subtle surprises and sly wit.