Preludio 11

Preludio 11 1964

Daniela – a single mother, whose boyfriend left for the US – believes wholeheartedly in Cuba's revolutionary new order. Meanwhile, in Florida, a plot is afoot. Under the command of an American officer, four Cubans ex-patriots and a Guatemalan land on the Cuban coast to prepare a US invasion of the island. Daniela's superior, the corrupt Cuban officer Palomino, is secretly helping the invaders and the young woman becomes entangled in the intrigue.

Gears of War

Gears of War

On the planet Sera, a former P.O.W. is civilization's best hope in their fight against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerged from underneath the planet's surface, intent on eliminating humankind.



Jake Thompson rather likes to dream than live his real life. When his fantasy doesn't fulfill him anymore he has to find a new way to be happy again. Will he be able to realize his aim?

Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand

Ypres, 1917. Two soldiers from opposing sides, one British and one German, confront one another after becoming trapped in a Belgian farmhouse during World War I. With heavy resent dividing them, the two try to find common ground whilst biding their time.

Tender age

Tender age 1983

Kir Lopukhov and Alyosha Mamykin are classmates who have just received a certificate of maturity. The war began and the guys, without hesitation, also act together in the same artillery special school. They are given just three days to visit the front, for which there is so much to be done! Say goodbye to your Sokolniki. Find classmates. And Kira - by all means learn about the fate of her beloved girl Olya. True, she was evacuated, but according to rumors, she returned to the capital to go to university.

The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War

The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War 1909

The American Civil War is the setting for this film which portrays the efforts of a girl, with the aid of her boyfriend, to deliver a message to the Confederate army while the Yankees try prevent them. After disguising themselves as Yankee soldiers, Nan and her young man are recognized, chased, and the young man killed. Nan manages to deliver the message but only after being shot herself, collapsing after the commander is in possession of the important news.

Always with me

Always with me 1976

The famous scientist, academician and art critic Andrei Ilyin, who survived with the Hermitage staff the harsh trials of the Leningrad blockade, returned to his hometown after many years. The whole life of Ilyin is connected with Leningrad. A life that in the distant years of World War II would have seemed to have no future, but which, despite the unbearable horror of hunger and devastation, continued only in the name of the future ...

Caucasian roulette

Caucasian roulette 2002

The action of this intense criminal drama takes place against the backdrop of military events in Chechnya. Russian girl Anna, a sniper of Chechen fighters, and Maria, the mother of a soldier who was captured by them, meet in a train car heading to Russia. Anna is trying to remove her son from the war zone, Maria wants to force her to return the child to Chechnya - then her son will be released from captivity. None of the mothers can give in, because we are talking about the life and death of their children ...

The Beech Forest

The Beech Forest 1987

In August 1944 Romania, a group of telephone operators are caught in the events in a new center placed in a forest to evade bombardment.

School of Assassins

School of Assassins

This anti-Communism film uses animation to tell the story of two brothers, one of whom receives training for hemispheric subversion in Cuba and returns to his own country to spread violence and terror. He realizes his mistake when, in the course of trying to destroy an experimental farm, his actions bring about the death of his brother Gustavo. Produced by Copri International Films, Inc. (Miami, FL) and directed by Jose D. de Villegas.

Așteptînd un tren

Așteptînd un tren 1982

After Romania changed alliances in August 23rd, 1944, a group of soldiers have the mission to stop a military train.