The death of

The death of "Eagle" 1940

In the fall of 1920, when the Red Army fought on the outskirts of Novorossiysk, one of the best ships of the Russian fleet “Oryol” stood at the berths of the port. The ship's boatswain, the hiding communist Mikhail Gruzdev, convinced Captain Chistyakov to keep the Eagle and return it to the red flag. Soon the legendary ship aboard the White Guards pursued by the Red Army left Novorossiysk. History left no trace of the further fate of the "Eagle" and its crew. It was believed that Chistyakov handed over the ship to the White Guards, and they took him abroad. Many years later, the captain of the ship “Flounder” Mikhail Gruzdev, confident in Chistyakov’s uncompromising attitude, obtained permission - and set about searching for the missing ship.


Bicycle 2016

A young poet suffering from a heartbreak, embarks alone on a journey in search of your happiness.

Death Quest of the Ju-Ju Cults

Death Quest of the Ju-Ju Cults 1976

Enter a shimmering forest and encounter the Pot Boiling turbulence of pre-history tribes in conflict. See sacrificial virgins, volcanoes, knife fights, spaceships. It's all in this black-and-white saga of pure escapement.


Meridian 2012

Follow Jeff, a smart but directionless techie, some would say an "unchallenged" geek, as he falls down a mystic rabbit hole-leaving behind his dead-end job in tech support. He is thrust into the stuff of legend when he comes across an ancient Aztec necklace, revealing past and future events hidden from everyone else and changing his life forever. Jeff has to move fast and think even faster if he is to survive.

Barroz – Guardian of D'Gama's Treasure

Barroz – Guardian of D'Gama's Treasure

Barroz (Mohanlal) has been protecting D' Gama's treasure for 400 years and has been entrusted to hand over the treasure to a true descendant of D' Gama. One day, a boy comes in search of Barroz, claiming that he is a descendant of Vasco da Gama. The rest of the film, Barroz sets on a journey to find out the boy's true ancestors and history.



After discovering a new species of dinosaur on private land, Ruth is forced to contend with forces both big and small in her quest to get it out of the ground before anyone notices.

Emma and the Fury

Emma and the Fury 2018

Young and pretty Emma is sentenced to anger management therapy after having thrown a toaster at her ex boyfriend and broken his nose. During the course of one day, her fate and her temper will be challenged several times. Will she be able to control her anger or will she lose everything?

March-2: Special Circumstances

March-2: Special Circumstances 2013

The heroes of the film "March" - a group of FSB special forces officers - a quick response team. Every day, dozens of especially dangerous criminals take to the streets of our cities. An elite team of special forces soldiers led by the commander of Major Alexander Buida is taken to detect and neutralize the criminal structures. Trained at a high level, they remain committed to their cause, even when their own lives are in danger. And no matter what they face tomorrow - with drug dealers, with hostage-taking or with terrible terrorist attacks planned by fanatics - a special unit is always on the alert!