Edison's Frankenstein

Edison's Frankenstein 1990

Thoroughly researched remake of the first screen version of Mary Shelley's story. Blending visual nightmare & Gothic romance, it tells this much trampled tale more as Jekyll and Hyde ghost story. A look at one man's struggle with the inadequacies of solitary creation.

Sworn Revenge

Sworn Revenge 2000

Chen Xiuling, owner of a house in the New Territories of Hong Kong, was killed, but the murderer also died at the scene. Chen Xiuling's sister Chen Xiumei in the United States returned to Hong Kong to deal with her business. Cheng Hui, a lawyer, helped her deal with her sister's industry. So they came to the house village. Cheng Hui's two best friends of the dead party began to pursue Xiumei. When they went to the bar to drink, a beautiful girl was sitting there. At the bar, the beautiful girl looked back and smiled. Four people were frightened and frightened. It turned out that the beautiful girl was Xiuling who had died.


Fire 2015

A volatile young man struggles to control his unnatural powers when he faces a chance encounter in an unfamiliar environment.

Poor Johnny and Arnika

Poor Johnny and Arnika 1983

The poor but carefree vagabond Johnny meets the princess Árnika and they fall in love. An evil witch casts a spell on them which turns one of them into a duck. In order to be free of the spell they embark on a long journey to meet King Ajahtan Kutarbani, the only one who can lift the spell.

Locust Lane

Locust Lane

A college student named Max recounts events that occurred sometime in the late 1990s, in which he becomes best friends with a boy named Arthur. As Max and Arthur gather both true and fictitious information about Arthur’s neighborhood, they begin to dream up fantastical stories and fictional biographies of the eccentric people who live on Arthur’s street, a mysterious place called Locust Lane.



An emotionally unstable man travels through time and space to find the person he's convinced is his perfect companion.