Hitch Hike to Hell

Hitch Hike to Hell 1977

Howard is mild-mannered and slightly simple-minded, with a habit of picking up teenage hitchhikers while driving his delivery routes. Sometimes the girls admit to being runaways, and if they claim to hate their mothers it drives Howard into a violent frenzy; his sister ran away from home years ago and was never heard from again, causing his desperate, addled mother to tighten her hold on him. Howard never remembers raping his victims or strangling them with wire coat hangers, though his boss does notice missed deliveries and late arrivals.

Duel of Hearts

Duel of Hearts 1992

Lady Caroline Faye meets Lord Vane Brecon and is attracted to him. When she finds out that he is being accused of a murder he did not commit, she sets out to prove him innocent

The X-Files Collection

The X-Files Collection

The X-Files (also known as The X-Files: Fight the Future) is a 1998 American science fiction thriller film directed by Rob Bowman. Chris Carter wrote the screenplay. The story is by Carter and Frank Spotnitz. It is the first feature film based on Carter's television series The X-Files that revolves around fictional unsolved cases called the X-Files and the characters solving them. The X-Files has spawned one sequel, a 2008 film entitled The X-Files: I Want to Believe released six years after the series ended.

Die Eylandt Recherche

Die Eylandt Recherche 2008

The New York lawyer Willam Singer receives three letters, that his father's cousin from Germany wrote to him over the last 5 decades, describing, that she hosted three people in her cellar for more than 60 years. Singer tries to find out, if she wrote the truth.

Sniper Collection

Sniper Collection

A series of action and war films that feature the United States Armed Forces. The series portrays MGySgt. Thomas Beckett and GySgt. Brandon Beckett in their service to the United States Marine Corps as Force Reconnaissance Scout Snipers.


Perversion 2010

Ryan McNamara has been beaten, abused, witnessed slaughter, and been subjected to sexual torture. But that's nothing compared to what Ryan is about to do.

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door 1999

There's someone peeping through windows so Arthur has been asked to watch the neighbour's eighteen year old daughter while her parents are away. Soon their mutual attraction develops into something that Arthur later regrets.


Karma 2008

Vikram and his American wife Anna travel to India to meet Vikram's estranged father. The small town of Ooty is oddly familiar to Anna who becomes haunted by visions of a murder that happened thirty years ago.



A surreal fairy tale of a young woman and a mystical sphere of lights.


Detained 2018

Produced by a high school student, the story follows four young boys as they investigate the death of their friend, Wesley, believing that it was merely not an accident.

What Death Leaves Behind

What Death Leaves Behind

After a kidney transplant, Jake Warren experiences reoccurring nightmares he believes to be visions of his donor's violent murder, sending him on a dark path of vengeance, leading to an unbearable truth.

Her Summer

Her Summer 2004

Based on true events, "Her Summer" tells the mystery of a 1999 police investigation, in which Ethan Crowe disappears after discovering two of his brothers brutally murdered.


Tellers 2019

An aging detective comes out of retirement when the events around his grandson's suicide suggest foul play.

2 Down

2 Down 2019

As chaos continues to escalate, Sam and Luke pursue the originator of the crossword menace. What will happen when their paths finally cross?

1 Across

1 Across 2019

Luke and Sam are two crossword enthusiasts. After the death of a newspaper crossword setter, crosswords start to show up in unexpected places. Can Luke and Sam solve the puzzle before it's too late?

Things Heard & Seen

Things Heard & Seen 2020

Recent transplants to a small town find their new home is cursed by the tragic murders of its former owners. As one haunted secret peels away to uncover others, their marriage reveals itself to have a sinister darkness of its own.

The Lie

The Lie 1954

A man who owns a diamond importing business goes out for a night on the town with his girlfriend, her brother and her brother’s fiancé. The group stops by a circus to see the act of a trapeze artist who’s a friend of the man’s girlfriend. The performer suggests that all the men go out for a few drinks, and the next thing the businessman knows, he’s waking up in his apartment with a terrible hangover and a dead body in his room.